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Originally Posted by MTROIS View Post
(Note, I had just replace the pads so should I have pumped back on the break pedal?)
No. It's always better to bleed brakes with pistons fully pushed in, and that's exactly the way yours are now. As a comment, I like to bleed my brakes regularly so I don't have to either push pistons in, or activate ABS pump (another piston). Just remember to pump your brakes when you're done man, and BEFORE driving the car, because your brake pedal will go all the way to the floor a couple of times until pads touch the rotors.

I have everything apart, but will start tomorrow. Haven't looked inside the reservoir, but when I removed the cap (along with level sensor) didn't see any filter on my '08, but will report back tomorrow. And don't forget the clutch if you have a 6MT. Just looked at the tranny without the cover, and was surprised to see a plastic slave cylinder. And the bleeding valve is plastic too. Oh well. The other weird thing is our tranny doesn't look like a typical RWD tranny, which is one piece after the bellhousing. Seems like our bellhousing is an integral part of the tranny, and the tranny is split in the middle. Very weird design if you ask me.