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Originally Posted by Eugene-TAIWAN View Post
I had the file checked out myself and with a very honest forum member that is a very straight up guy!

we would really want this to be the best for everyone.

if the number is valid we won't say its not.

60-130 times have very strict rules and I am pretty sure you know that.

thanks again for sharing. the 6.95 secs time is fucking blazing fast already!!!
All good, I thought Josh was referring to the 6.95s run as having a -3.19% decline, when it was actually -2.08%. The 6.83s run had a decline of -3.04%. If people want to throw out the other run based on that decline exceeding the threshold by .04%, then feel free. Not like this thread or the other one are an official database, just posting up the latest time and giving people all the facts so they can form their own opinion on these two sub-7s 60-130 runs.