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Originally Posted by solefald View Post
And half of them can't even spell

Oh.. this one is good. Shows the mentality level of some people.

I want to see this guys face when he comes to the hospital and someone tells him that he is not entitled to receive any care
I knew you'd be the one to search through pages, find the moronic comment of the bunch and post it here, disregarding all of the well though out comments that make a hell of a lot of sense.

If you aren't familiar with Yahoo Finance and it's stock boards, you should know that there are morons infesting it, and it's pretty easy to pick out who those are. You begin reading the guys comment and you say "wow, that's some pretty funny sarcasm". And then you realize that he's serious at the end. That's what you call an outlier, much like the Democrat that posted that racial slur on his Facebook page is an outlier. You didn't see me commenting on it, because I am rational and I know that this is not how the Democratic party acts as a whole. I didn't use it as a generalization to smear your party.

Whereas liberals on this board enjoy talking about Obama's coined term "Buckwheat", Scott Garrett citing a fake memo, the "tea party" protesting Republicans, and Ann Coulter, the Republicans on this board are scared about our future outlook, and we enjoy talking about Obama's policies and how they have the potential to worsen this country.

At this point in the game, the Republicans have something genuine to worry about, whereas the liberals must side with their chosen leader Barack and smear the Republican party as a whole by talking about the 'poisonus bitch' Ann Coulter and other items of little importance.

Just sit back, enjoy your ride, and wait until you get yours here in the next few years and in the years beyond.