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Originally Posted by solefald View Post
How can you know something, before it happens?

I do some IT side-work at a VA hospital, and from what I hear from people there, VA healthcare is a complete clusterfuck as is. So why don't you wait and see before starting the mass hysteria? Or you are shooting from the hip and completely dismissing the chance of improvement?
Werd. I'm well over 10% disabled (cutoff), so I'm cared for until I die through the VA, whether my visit is service-related or not. It's a nice system to use if you don't need the problem addressed for months, but I'm so happy I'm carrying my BCBS PPO through my employer for a couple hundred a month anyway.

IIRC, the VA in SD didn't seem as bad as I had always heard about them being prior to my first visit. Then I tried accessing the system in Chicago. Brother, if you think the SD system is a clusterfuck, there are no words in the English language that can describe what it is here at Hines.... I almost feel obligated to use my civilian insurance as much as possible, as I'd be stealing an appointment slot or face time with a doctor from someone who really doesn't have another choice.

I personally don't hold this reform in the highest regard, as I feel there were areas that weren't addressed as well as they should be.... But a point most of us can probably agree on is that something had to be done, and no one outside the gub'ment has the capacity or wherewithall to do anything about it. Only problem with that is, after witnessing firsthand how slowly and compromisingly (ty bipartisan politics) that machine moves, I'm afraid the necessary tweaks and changes aren't going to happen in a proper timeframe, and will never fully address the issues.

That's all speculation on my part though, and I'm no expert. From where I sit, all I can do is hope that our civilian health system doesn't turn into the VA. I'd like a positive outcome as much as anyone here, but can we really expect government to right the ship? Only time will tell.