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Originally Posted by lambtron View Post
Pretty soon Obama will make the jump from socialism to preaching communism and the command economy! I cannot wait to see a GOP majority after the midterm elections, at least our government will then have some reasonable balance and the veto point in the hand of the Grand Old Party. So now, all of us hard working Americans have to work even harder so all the welfare junkies and lazy ass motherfuckers can get obama subsidized health care. Sweet. Oh, and I'll get a fine because I have VA Healthcare which is not considered medical insurance. Oh 2012, can't you come any sooner?
Hint: You already pick up the tab on their healthcare regardless of them having any. Your healthcare costs reflect their emergency treatment.

Hint 2: The junkies and lazy motherfuckers do not make enough money to take advantage of the bill, nor do they need additional healthcare - they already have it through Medicaid.

Hint 3: The "fine" is not enforced.

Hint 4: VA care satisfies the rules of having health coverage, per

Hint 5: You are an ignoramus.