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Originally Posted by Zell View Post
It's the people that run it, not the religion itself. There's nowhere in the bible that advocates that kind of messed up crap they're doing. A special little place in hell is reserved for them all. The New Testament has overall good messages that people should follow out of the goodnesses of their hearts, not because of some reward of eternal life or something. I take it that you haven't studied religion much.
Which religion are we talking about? Islam? Buddhism? Harry Potterism?

Bible is a morally outdated book filled with anecdotal evidence. It is delusional to base one’s life on a single book.

Belief without evidence is irrelevant os social acceptance. Gods and fairies carry equal credible weight.

You are a Christian simply because your parents indoctrinated you to better fit your peers. Same goes for Islam and other religions.

Have you asked yourself how come there are 1.5 billion Muslims? Are they all nuts? Is there a slim chance that maybe you are believing in a fairy tale?

Religion is a cop out…it's the easy way to live in's a manipulation of the gullible…It's a SCAM of global proportions...
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