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Originally Posted by Trpltrbl View Post
Generally the eurospec M3, S4, RS4, R32 are faster and better.
Reason why more expensive is the taxsystem.
You pay easily up to 35-40% more taxes on a car in certain European countries.
I can give you guys some numbers and calculate it for you, but I won't. Have better things to do with my time :rocks:
That was true years ago, but is no longer the case. The US E46 M3 and Euro E46 M3 were identical aside from the catylytic converters and bumper reflectors. This probably sapped a little bit of power but nothing that couldn't be fixed with simply replacing the headers. The B6 S4 and Euro S4 were identical save for headlights, and door flares, the US R32 actually has MORE power than the european counter part due to the larger MAF/intake (3" vs. 2.5"), the US R32 does have softer suspension and was rumored to weigh more. The euro RS4 and us RS4 have a number of differences, but it's mostly due to US regulation, nothing Audi can do about that.

To say that today, the eurospec cars are faster and better is simply not true. There may be some desieralbe features/options that aren't available here, but when you look at the cost (even if you disregard tax), we're still getting a great deal.