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Some comments on my first break pad change EVER:

* overall it took me a little bit more than 2 1/2 hours to change them...compared to ~ 1 hour for the experienced guys. So were did I lose time? 1)Removing and putting back the anti-rattle springs has been one of the sources of frustration. I now realize how easy it is to remove the back ones: no need to use a screw driver, just press with your two thumbs in the direction of the arrow and they come gently out. The front is a little bit tougher so you need the screw driver but it is not too bad to put them back in.
2) be careful when you put the break wear sensor, make sure you do not drop the little clip... otherwise you might end up having to remove again the caliper to find it somewhere down there.
3) I also lost some time to find a proper location to jack the car in the back and then put it on the jack stands... although not different from the previous models, remember again that this was my first time, so I had to check on-line for the best location, etc... I ended up jacking below the rear diff, but not the aluminum piece that is there to dissipate heat. Next time I or someone does this, we should take pics.
4) for the allen hex 7mm, I would definitely recommend using a ratchet wrench to put them back on due to the tight space you have to work with in there.

...overall not a difficult job and I am looking forward to dropping my times the next time around. thanks again Lucid for the write up.
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