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I have the E46 and E92 M3.

Definitely a yes for both cars.

In E46, accelerating at normal pace, the car definitely bucks. It almost feels like the power is coming on and off absurdly. This is for cold start. Meaning, first engine start in the morning. In about a minute or so, the car is smooth as silk.

With the E92 DCT, the bucking is not as pronounced as E46. I do feel/hear some transmission slack. This is probably due to the tranny oil not in the right operating temps/viscosity. Once tranny oil is warm, there is lesser slack and tranny sound. Not as jerky as the E46 but usually power delivery is smooth after much less than a minute.

My cold start idle for both cars is stable. Its only when you accelerate normally, the power delivery is intermittent.

Cold start issues are inherent in Individual throttle bodies as they are hard to tune even in factory form.