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Any results in from TX? How did the "1000HP SL600" do?

There are way too many numbers to remember but there are some extremely fast Ford GT (Hennessy Mullet comes to mind), Gallardos - UGR, Supras, Vettes & the list goes on. I didn't see the SL there but there is a Black CLK63BS

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I heard a all motor M3 went 168MPH, and a Supra went 247MPH.
That 165ish mph M3 was us running on the BFG Goodridge Drag Radials which made the car more unstable around 150. Both our first runs were got us to speeds of 150. We then changed to Michelin PS2 20" which then resulted in 183.9 for me on the first try then 186.1 for Robert. We have some small issues which brought the cars capabilities to around 168s but the problem should be resolved quickly & easily tomorrow morning. We are beat.

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Thanks Andy, I hear the UGR Gallardo went 236.

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That is confirmed for the orange G, UGR also has a black G plus two vipers.

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Use left lane to pass ONLY . Anyway, post your experience there. And if the reported speeds are true, you must have felt like in a Prius, no? Man, never imagined some of those speeds without jet engines. Crazy.
Everyone we met has been really friendly & the power we have is respectful along with our times.

Honestly, I was talking to a true gentleman there with a Ford GT that did 220s on his shake down run with a mere 1200whp on low boost. He has another 500whp on tap which should bring him to the 260s or maybe 270.

I feel like a we are in a paddle boat in quicksand compared to the top guys here hahaha

It would be great to have some similar cars to race with. I suppose the closest competition in a similar or the same league is the Vettes.