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Originally Posted by Trpltrbl View Post
Because they can. Like I have said before, there is a lot of talk on this forum.
I see very little action.
I highly doubt there is any poster here that would spent the money on a CSL just to take it to the track, mostly because many here just dream and can't buy.
But in the meantime telling the ones that can, how much the hate what they do.
If you want to be a purist get this
It's going to be cheaper, faster and a pure track/ streetcar
A friend of mine has an Exige (non-superchargerd) and it is a fine machine, but it is a little too raw for me, along with a very high percentage of the population I would imagine. If I wanted a track only car, I would definitely consider one, but that is not what I'm after. But I don't want a bloated pig of a car either. Got to find a happy medium.