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Originally Posted by jb-m3 View Post
I bought my 08 M3 about 4 months ago sight unseen, and had it shipped from a non-BMW performance car dealer from Athens, GA to Miami. I was a bit nervous about it. I think anyone who is in the market for an M3 wants to find one that wasn't driven like an M3, which is pretty difficult to know for sure. I tried to get as much info on the prior owner as possible, carfax, ect., which checked out ok. I even gave the prior owner a call and asked him questions, such as whether he ever tracked it, modified it, ect. I checked service records with BMW to see if all maintenance/oil changes was done on time, and if any major repairs/replacements had been done. Also, for me, I always look at the interior as the tell tale sign whether the prior owner took care of the car or not, and I think for a performance car this is important. It's easy to make an exterior look like new, but the interior is a lot more difficult to hide excess wear. I think if the interior looks pristine, then you found a car where the owner took pride in it, and in all likelihood treated it properly. I also looked for signs of modifications, even visual ones, which may indicate that the prior owner may have reverted the car to stock before sale. In the end though, remember that you do have 2 more years of manufacturer warranty, which makes the decision a lot easier to live with. I think as long as your M3 is under factory warranty they let you purchase an extended one (not bumper to bumper though). I'm all for it. I picked up a fully loaded 08 coupe with new tires, pristine inside and out, for 45k, and never looked back.
45k seems like a really good price. Wish I could find one for that price.