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Those who purchased a used E9x M3

Well the time has come for me to look into a "new" car. Ive had my 330izhp for 5 years now and its time to upgrade, and i finally have the means to do so, a question to those of you who purchased this car used, like i am planning on doing.

1. Were you kind of on the fence about purchasing a performance car used?
2. Is purchasing an extended warranty possible if i do not buy the car from a bmw dealership?
3. how does the dct tranny hold up over time? i know the smg was very costly to repair after the warranty went, and this is THE ONLY reason holding me back from the dct.. those of you w 20k+ on the clock, how is it holding up?

I am pretty picky about the options i want the car to have, so waiting for the right one to come about isnt the issue, ive waited this long, and for the money i'll be spending on it, id rather get the one i want..

thank you in advance for any advice you guys have to offer.
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