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Originally Posted by Me_Hi View Post
If this would have happened to me, I would be in jail now for beating the crap out of the management if they would not have paid for my loss or I would stop paying for maintenance fees until the sum covers it. You pay for a secure storage right ?

One thing for sure... keep your eyes on craigslist, BMW forum...., on the road.

I am so sorry for your loss..... I hate thieves.... every thief should have a finger or their hands cut off depending on the nature of their crime.
It's a shitty situation no doubt. The storage is in my building. I think VERY likely it was the security company itself. I chased it down as far as I could - spoke with the security company manager, reviewed the entry logs to the storage area - but after all of it, it wasn't enough to be able to prove who had done it.

I could have raised a bigger stink, I tried but at the end of it I realized that I can't win this one. Best to just watch your shit... and think it over and over and over before you trust someone...

oh and Vancouver hasn't been a safe city in a looong time. Property theft is just ridiculous here.