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Originally Posted by iBeJayKaying View Post
Did you guys have the "custom" PowerChip tune? All the Chargepipe dyno results I'm seeing online are for cars with a PC tune, and I'm wondering if they have just the PC basic flash, or the full-out "custom tune". I'm really curious about actual gains from the piece on a car with no flash. (I have no plans for a flash atm.)
The graphs they posted up show what you are looking for...basically this one:

On "Sina_M3_CPvStock.jpg" (image name), we netted a positive gain in the installation of the chargepipe - there's also more air as noted in AFRs, so there was room to dial in some gains with an intake system tuned. But overall, in Sina's bone stock car, it liked the addition of the chargepipe. This is a comparison of the best baseline we had, versus the best chargepipe run we had. According to this scale, the chargepipe gets 6.5HP between 6200-6900rpm, and same kind of spread at peak, 8300+rpm.