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Originally Posted by ChrisM318ti
Back to Topic: As a german, born in munich and a little bit rooted to USA (my grandfather was born in New Jersey) i cant find ANY bad connection to the german word "Luftwaffe".. its just the "Air Force" (also already said in this thread). It was always called the "Luftwaffe"... never mind in which time period it was.
Now I dont want to offend someone.. but i cant understand why people connecting bad reputations with this word and say "its not politcal correct" As above mentioned.. it just says "Airforce".

For sure.. the german started bombing cities and so on.. but the british and amercian airforce did the same, didnt they?
So why is the word not political correct.. i would be very pleased if someone can give me a good explanation on this.. For me its more than 60 years ago and i dont have any direct connection from my person to this time. Thats why this discussion makes no sense in my thinking.. ;-)

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Well, like I said, I don't know that it's really an offensive plate. As you said, it's the word for Air Force. However, it's off color (ie can be construed as inappropriate) because most of the time anyone ever hears of the German Luftwaffe, it's almost always in the context of WWII. They didn't make nearly as much news when they bought the Eurofighter

As for your point of not being directly involved, I disagree. Not to sound preachy, but being Polish, I have immediate family that was, ahem, 'directly' involved, and they sure as hell were affected by it. My grandfather was a Polish partisan in the war, my uncle was an ammunition runner during the Warsaw uprising, and I never had the chance to even know at least a couple members of my family because of Lebensraum. Yes, it was 60 years ago, I wasn't there personally, and I obviously don't avoid all things German, but it still happened, and there are still people around who might find it somewhat offensive. Again, not trying to preach, but just trying to give perspective.
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