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Originally Posted by solefald View Post
This is the scariest part about these people.
No wonder that only 6% of scientists belong to the Party of NO.

I guess most scientists (read: educated people) just have no idea what they are talking about, and nothing but a liberal tree-huggers ought to destroy America.
Let's see what spin we are going to get on this story.. After all anyone who disagrees with Republican tripe is anti-American, right?
A scientist may be well educated, but that does not mean that they have a strong political aptitude or know what is best for this country from an economical perspective. They are generally very good at what they do, but oftentimes outside of their field they are very narrow-minded. The Republican party is widely regarded as being "anti-science" as well. If you think that they majority of scientists identify themselve as liberal because of their views on issues such as health care reform, then you are misinformed, to put it bluntly. I'd take a gander that an issue such as global warming has much more to do with it.

So in my opinion, your comparison is very poor. One of the last people that I would listen to or trust when talking about macroeconomics or health reform is a scientist. I work with different scientists of sorts every day, and they are generally very narrow minded people (albeit very smart) that have very little sense outside of their world. Again, this is from my experience, and I've also drawn from what I've seen outside of my workplace.

Based on your statement, what does the majority of Hollywood being liberal say about the Democratic party?