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Originally Posted by spydrz View Post
I have degrees in Central European History and German, so I think I can take a stab at this. Luftwaffe is still used to this day for the Federal Republic's air force; I have friends who served in the Luftwaffe just a few years ago. Yes, this word has negative connotations, but I'm guessing that most Americans won't even know what it means. The few that do will recognize it from the History Channel and remember the link to WWII. So would I put it on my car? No. But that's me. I have a real German plate from when I lived there, but my state requires a front plate and I don't want to deal with that situation...
I disagree. I think that while most Americans may know quite little detail about WWII, they most definitely know Hitler, Nazi, the phrase 'Sieg Heil', and Luftwaffe. If anything, they may not realize that the word is spelled this way. Us Americans are a nation of piss poor spellers imo.
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