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Originally Posted by ksfrogman View Post
...What would we think if we were to travel to Japan, and see a Japanese driver with a Mustang sport a Japanese plate that read, "Air Force?"

heh heh, seriously. Might have just as well had the license plate spell
FW-190 (the fighter plane BMW made the engines for).

Personally, the plate's a little off color, but not too terrible. Politics aside, the German planes from the war were technically cool machines for their day. It's not like the plate says 'Sieg Heil', 'Gott mit Uns', 'NSDAP', or anything else overtly related to the Nazi party.

The problem is that I don't think it (the current wording on the plate) will make much sense to a lot of people except to make them think that the OP is some sort of facist or something. Not insinuating that he/she is or anything, just taking ppl's ignorance into account. The other posters are right. Many ppl think specifically WWII Nazi Air force when they read 'Luftwaffe'.

So, it may not be in the best taste, but it's also likely not illegal, so it's the OP's personal choice.
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