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Originally Posted by Last E92 M3 View Post
debatable can shift as fast as 8ms?
SMG shifts quickly, but not 8ms. SMG III is in the 50-60ms range and SMG II is in the 70-80ms range. I have seen these numbers published in a number of places, I have included a source.

DSG is able to shift much more quickly, I beleive in the 10-15ms range but only 1 gear, if it has to down shift twice it takes SUBSTANTIALLY longer, furthermore, there is no mass produced DSG gearbox capable of handling more than 350NM of Torque (The Veyron is not mass produced). Also, DSG in it's currently avaiallbe transvere mounted implementation weighs approximately 50lbs more than a manual gearbox as opposed to SMG weighing under 15lbs more than its manual counterpart.

Source for SMG times here: