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Originally Posted by baltik View Post
To take every word at it's literal meaning and completely ignore it's cultural meaning/significance is frankly idiotic, to put a swastica on your shirt because it's an ancient hindu symbol is commendable but being blind to the reaction it will illicit in everyone isn't the brightest thing in the world. (yes I am aware that the hindu sign is flipped around - my point still stands)
To some people (as I have previously stated I personally could care less) having Luftwaffe on your license could be easily construed as subtle support for the nazi German war machine. IE - if someone was a neo nazi and wanted to show their support on their license plate - Luftwafe and Blitzkrieg would be high on the list.

Just trying to save the original poster from having his shiny new beemer keyed. Of course if he wants to be Rosa Parks of the German linguistic society, he has my full support.