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Originally Posted by mr2guy View Post
Whether the word is right or wrong isn't the issue to me so much as the type of response people will have to this plate. Probably half of the people that see it won't even be able to pronounce it correctly to understand the connection. The people that do understand will question "why" you put that on your car. Putting "Air force" on a plate that is attached to your German car makes people probably think you serve in the USAF. But to put "Luftwaffe" on a plate that is attached to your German car is not so harmless. The fact that the word does have a strong connection to an event in history where millions of people died over some of most polluted thinking of mankind's recorded history makes people question your motive. Are you simply putting a word on your car that sounds cool or is German for something you have an appreciation for to go with the German car norm of having a europlate? Some, and I think quite a few actually, will think you are someone that agrees with the ideals of Nazism. What this means though for you, and you can obviously disagree, is that you may experience backlash for this plate. Some people feel very strongly about the subject and could be compelled to leave you a message about their dislike of your plate. Now you have to decide whether your favored word being on your car is more important than having to worry about vandalism and people stopping you to address your motive for this signage. To me, I think you are wasting your time and are just setting your self up for stupid shit to happen to your expensive car.

I as a dutchman have some friends in NYC. A few years ago we were talking jokes and I was making a 'joke' about Timothy McVeigh and the McDonalds hamburgers, literally blown out of proportions. Anyway. 2 of my NYC friends didn't like my jokes about McVeigh and they were mad at me for some time. I apologized but until now I don't know why....Just for the peace of it I guess.

Anyway. Some people might be offended by what other people say or do. I don't have a problem with a LUFTWAFFE plate but here in NL I think the police would make you pull over and ask what's the meaning.(of driving around with a WWII sounding world)

So every country has its own things I guess.
Ghe sparemo.