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Originally Posted by King335i View Post
Yeah, this is pathetic.

I'm sorry Baltik, but your assessment of the situation is flawed in so many ways that I can't even begin to outline them. E90T just agrees cause he's doing what he does best, being a negative sensationalist. Both of you are incorrect though.

This means nothing other than 'airforce', and to say that it is in some way related to a situation where calling happy people gay could be misinterpreted is radically foolish. Really guys, it is in such poor judgement that you come on here making such idiotic statements and comparisons, I'm embarassed for you...
To take every word at it's literal meaning and completely ignore it's cultural meaning/significance is frankly idiotic, to put a swastica on your shirt because it's an ancient hindu symbol is commendable but being blind to the reaction it will illicit in everyone isn't the brightest thing in the world. (yes I am aware that the hindu sign is flipped around - my point still stands)