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Originally Posted by jml View Post
Cognitive dissonance in above posts.

The V12s are across all dimensions, except for ride, a step down. After 5K miles with them, I wish they were not, but they are. They are much less capable in grip dry/wet, they are noticeably heavier, they are difficult to balance, they are less responsive, and they introduce under-steer. The value is seductive, but why remove from a nearly perfect car.
This is why buying tires is SO hard. There are overwhelming positive comments about the Hankooks on various sites. Some SWEAR they are better in all respects compared to the PS2s. Then, there are a few people who hate them and complain about them.

How does someone decide? I tend to put weighting to the shear number of positive comments BUT the negative comments (such as yours) make me nervous about these tires. I guess our saving grace is that they are cheap and, if they do suck, it wasn't a big investment lost. If they are good, then all the better.

I have mine coming Friday with my SF-71 wheels so I will post comments after the weekend. I'm not the type to "like" something just because I bought it. If these suck, I will say so!
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