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Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
I am pretty sure it has been going for the past 10 hours...

The woot off happy hour is usually in the afternoon and is not featured at it is featured at and @woot on twitter.

What newsletter are you even talking about?

Congratulations! You have just received the greatest gift of all: a new Woot newsletter! What makes it so great is how cheap and easy it is for us to give. Hope it's the right size, because you can't return it.

Woot Happy Hour: You Won't Hate Yourself In The Morning
After a hard day on the clock, what better way to unwind than with a one-hour mini-Woot-Off? We call it Woot Happy Hour, it'll happen maybe a few times a month, and you can only find out about it from our Twitter feed. Now you can stop staying up nights wondering whether you should join the 1.6 million people following @woot on Twitter. Obviously, you should. (And don't worry - as you'll soon see, we'll still have regular old Woot-Offs, too.)
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Man cannot live on daily deals alone. He must think, he must laugh, he must feel. So the Woot blog strives to meet all your thinking, laughing, and feeling needs. Recently, we sampled soft drinks from around the world, talked to two wooters who found love in their Shirt.Woot tees, and looked in on Mortimer & Monte, our bickering chimpanzee pals, in the break room. If there's a hole in your heart shaped like the Woot blog, let us fill it. Or at least go see a doctor or something.
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We'd love to bend your ear for a while longer, but we've got a lot of work to get done in the next day or two. Also, to be honest, we're not sure our relationship has progressed to the ear-bending stage yet. Your friendship really means a lot to us and we'd hate to ruin it by moving too fast. That's why we use SmartPost.

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