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Originally Posted by vipUF View Post
Does anyone recommend a plan B exhaust from a Gintani Race exhaust?? In my situation I have had the Gintani Race axle-back for a couple days and I can't stand the inside cabin noise for a daily driver. The exhaust sounds AMAZING on the outside, but I guess inside noise is the trade-off. I'm looking for something slightly higher than STOCK but aggressive enough to live with on a daily basis. t

This post is by not meant to give negative PR on Gintani, this exhaust is simply not my taste. Gintani has great service and really do provide a quality product.

I'm sure there have been a few of you all in my situation. I would like your honest/unbiased feedback before I go to the Trade/Sell/Buy section. Any input is appreciated.

I felt the same way as you the first few days that I had the Gintani race, but trust me give it at least a few weeks and see how you feel. I felt like it settled down a bit or I just got used to it and now I'm loving the sound. At times I hit the gas to get as loud as it once felt before but no luck, go figure Before you sell it and take a loss, just keep it for 3 weeks or so and if you don't like it, than sell it.
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