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Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
Posted on Roadfly E46 M3 Forum by DoubleClutch:

"My buddy just drove the new M3 He's over in Germany currently at an aftermarket company's headquarters fitting the new M3 for performance parts. I guess, with the "major" players in the aftermarket sector, the auto manufacturers let these guys mock up their test mules for their performance parts. I personally don't see why BMW would do this because there's no compensation, that I'm aware of, received from their sales?? Maybe it's a one time fee paid to BMW to borrower the car for a few days for fitments?

Regardless, he says the thing pulls very quickly. He just took delivery of a 997 GT3 and says they're not to far off from each other in terms of acceleration. At the same time he hasn't finished breaking in the GT3 so take that for what it's worth. He was told to keep it under 200 kph which he found hard to do. He said the hp would be around 410-420 with europe getting a slightly higher (10-15hp) output car.

He also noticed the suspension was very tight and responsive, though road feel was harsher than an E46 (no worries here IMO).
No talk of a CSL was mentioned, but of course the cab and saloon were already in the pipe so..

Didn't get that much from him since he had to get going but I thought this would give us enthusiasts some hope of what we can expect.

Back before the E60 M5 was released he had the same opportunity so hopefully what he says stays true. Sounds like we have a beast coming our way fellas!"

thanks for the post