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Originally Posted by M3 vert View Post

Firstly, no one has that much time to come down to the US just for a measly service everytime?
IMO its not cost-efficient and neither would I spend the time and effort in doing that. I could invest my time else where and get a better return on my investment.
It may not be that much of an issue for me as I have family in WA state and am there often, but in general, this would be a pain for most yes.

Secondly, neither can they honor certified series warranty, which is more then just oil changes! also if you read my post above, you can get service-inclusive for 5yrs/96KM (NEW cars) or 6yrs/160KM if you purchase a cert series pre-owned car, which will cover everything except GAS and TIRES
If I could find and early lease return '09 with CPO and full BMW dealer history, I'd be all over it. They do not exist as far as I can find so CPO is not applicable and I am only considering a new '10 US car if I choose the import option.

We are just trying to help the OP with all our experiences and presenting unbiased opinions of what we have seen.
And I appreciate your insight and all others posters input as well - this is all good stuff