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Originally Posted by MaxL View Post
Regarding modifications - few years ago a new law was passed specifically to reduce the amount of modifications required - it accepts clusters showing both miles and km and US-standard bumpers (which are softer). The only thing that '10 M3 would not pass is DRL (you should not be able to disable it, which you can on US car). But as far as I know they do not check it during the inspection. So if you turn on DRLs in the computer before the inspection, you will very likely pass without any modifications (I did, and several other people on the forum did as well: If you do not pass, there is no penalty AFAIK, and they will tell you exactly what needs to be changed, so you may end up making less changes than you planed (e.g. no change to cluster but only DRL reprogram). My point is try to pass the inspection before you modify anything.
Great link - thx

The plot thickens - looks like there is about a $25 dollar fee for failing, but that's certainly not excessive. This also contradicts what RIV told me, and in an email response I got from them today specifically on the '10 E92, there answer was ambiguous at best so I will need to follow up with them again.

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Obviously some of these guys commenting in this thread WORK for dealers selling cars in Canada and are going to try convincing you to buy in Canada. There are significant savings buying in the USA
I am aware that people on here have different dogs in this particular fight, so I'm taking it all in...

Read this current thread from another importer.
Another great link - thx for the input again.