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Everything you just wrote, proves to me you really are not an educated wheel consumer, enough said! Your previous posts just shows that not only do you not know anything about wheels, but the fact that you don't know anything about wheels, why would you even bother with weights? Someone who is truly concerned about weights, would definitely know what they are buying. Everything that you are saying is contradicting yourself. Someone who is interested in weights, would go for a monoblock wheel, or a 3PC wheel, with titanium fasteners and metal taken out of the backpad. What you received is no one's fault other than your own. Like I said before, you got what you ordered. By the way, picture, photoshopped? LMAO. Not a chance, buddy. I owned some ICONZ wheels, I know what they weigh. That picture is dead on. Unlike you, I am an educated consumer. Any more strokes of genius? HAHA!