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Bimmerboy87, I never claimed to be a wheel expert. But I doclaim that I ordered 2-piece forged wheels that the Iconz sales rep stated would weight in the mid-20s before he sold me the "extreme lightweight package". I didn't get the titanium fasteners....what I got was several holes drilled from the inside flange. By the way, that in itself caused much amusement at the shop that weighed the wheels. I guess something is to be said for the entertainment value alone.* Anyway, what I received was two 29 lb paperweights, a 30 lb paperweight and a 31 lb paperweight.

As far as the picture goes, that's the exact same pic that Dan showed me....interesting. But as you know, that picture means exactly squat. If you'd like, I can photoshop it and make it weigh 12 lbs. Or better yet, if I send you a pic of my wheels can you make them weigh less. That would really help!

By the way, are you sure you aren't affiliated with Iconz? Your post looks really familiar to the tact used by the Iconz sales know, changing the discussion to wheel construction, 2-piece vs 3-piece, etc instead of the core issue at hand......the merchandise received was not as promised.

By the way, I thought you didn't need to waste time on this (ref post #12)????