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Bimmerboy87, I'm touched by your concern over my well being. But not to worry, I'm finished modding my M3 and I'm sure if I have $$ to spend I'll be able to convince someone to take it. Although it was difficult to follow your thought process (with the incorrect grammar, runon sentences, and poor sentence structure), you were able to convince me to relook my entire attitude toward Iconz. Let me think about the very basics of the dispute:

Prior to ordering
Me: How much do the wheels weigh?
Sales Rep: around mid-20s
Sales Rep: wanna' buy the extreme lightweight package that reduces weight 3-4 lbs?
Me: Sure
So now I'm thinking the wheels will indeed be light. Below 25 lbs seems reasonable given the above.

Wheels weighed approximately 30 lbs on my home scale. Dan asserts that there must be something wrong with my scales, sends a pic of another wheel that he says weighs 26-27 lbs and tries to convince my it was impossible for my wheels to weigh more. At one point Dan says that he sells the best brands and that "these (Iconz) have been the lightest of them all" The next day, took wheels to specialty shop (BMW/Porsche specialists) and had wheels weighed. Shop provided signed letter on letterhead indicating weights as 29, 29, 30, and 31 lbs. Shop also provided a letter detailing the effect of heavy wheels on performance and a general overview of wheel weights of quality wheels.

Provided wheel weight letter to Dan. He then says that he gave me the wheel weights before knowing it was an M3....this is ludicrous....met him on M3 forum and yahoo messages clearly show this to be false. All I can think is that he thought I wouldn't have kept an archive of all correspondence.

Eventually, over the next few weeks correspondence from Dan/Iconz evolved to assertions that 30 lbs is not heavy for 2-pc forged wheel and at one point he says that the barrels are cast, not forged. After a couple of weeks of no progress, just delays (we're evaluating, reviewing, etc) I filed a credit card dispute.

Well, bimmerboy87, after reconsidering the facts, I conclude that I wasn't mistaken after all. But maybe I can save another customer the same hassle.

By the way, not to worry about having too much time on my hands. I'm quite busy. Luckily it only takes an hour at most to post PDF files of the dispute package on a web site.