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Originally Posted by DarkstarZero View Post
In regards to this, an enormous amount of money has been donated to the earthquake disaster. Most people have already donated their yearly donation amount to the disaster. Because of this, smaller charities such as Fragile X Foundation receive very very little. Lets not forget them.
Thanks for being one that understands this. Also, one other thing I would like to address is the perception that some charities like the Fragile-X Foundation do not represent "immediate needs." As a parent of a child with Fragile-X, I can tell you that support for those affected is an immediate need. 99% of adults with this disorder cannot lead independent lives and many families cannot afford the treatments and support needed to assist their loved ones. As an example, my son is 5 and functions at an 18-month-old level --I spend $650 monthly out-of-pocket just for 4 speech/occupational therapy sessions that are not covered by insurance. Fortunately, my family can afford this, but many cannot. Increased charitable support would go a long way towards improving the lives of upwards of 1-million affected people (and their families) by funding the many volunteer organizations that provide assistance to people with mental disabilities as well has funding research for treatments (which are staggeringly close to being found). The same principles hold true for other mental/medical disorders and their associated support groups. Sorry for the rant - I just want to impress upon the group that natural disasters are not the only events that give rise to immediate needs.