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Creasyb001, stuff like this actually does bother me, and I have nothing to do with any wheel line. People like you honestly disgust me with trying to put down good companies, that has helped a lot of people. I can totally understand if you went against a company that had numerous, majority negative reviews, but they don't. I have had problems with other companies in the past which have NOT been wheel lines, it was other products for my car, but felt I had better things to do, then go on a forum and start trying to bash a company. I just dealt with card companies and the parties involved. Your also thinking about a website? You need to get out man and get a life LMAO. Your the type of customer, businesses do not want to take, and that is the honest truth. I own a business myself, and the way you talk with your responses and actions, if you were ever interested in something I was selling, I would totally tell you to take a hike. I am doing this for your own good, because you might be interested in some other vendors product that they are selling here, and if they see the way you talk, they might turn you away. I actually have seen other vendors (which I wont name) on this site turn down customers due to their actions, so it isn't something that hasn't been done. I think your looking for some attention, did your mother not give you enough as a child? LMAO.