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Originally Posted by Bimmerboy87 View Post
To be honest creasyb001, I can care less about your situation. I have had a great experience with them, not once but twice. I ordered other wheels too from other companies and had a similar great experience. I see also from the posts above and looking through the BMW community, that many felt the same way about the wheels and have been enjoying them. No company is perfect in this world, but the majority of their customers are happy, which I do see, then that is fine in my book.
Well, since we're being honest Bimmerboy87, I couldn't care less about your experience with Iconz. I'll lay it out for you. I will post a through fact based review as soon as the Iconz appeal is rejected....and I will do so to ensure that other BMW consumers, and a number of other forums for that matter, enter into their purchasing decision with all the information at their disposal. Rest assured that I will offer every word of correspondence between Iconz and myself so they can decide for themselves. Unless you're employed by Iconz that shouldn't bother you. As a matter of fact, it shouldn't bother Dan or Iconz either since I'll be sharing facts and only facts. I have unused web site space from my ISP....a perfect place for a web site dedicated to the credit card dispute process...I have an excellent example to share.