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Originally Posted by M3 vert View Post

Sue eh?

Firstly, everyone thinks they can sue anyone here dont they

You have to understand that going down that road over lets say a used vehicle is worth it or not, after taking into account:
1. Costs - Good Lawyers are never cheap and demand a high fee!
2. Time - spent in importing and then dealing with litigation in international courts
3. All this effort for a few thousand to 10,000?

As a wise businessman I would reduce my risk and buy canadian!
And I would devote my time and efforts to better and more profitable things then chasing after US dealers for a few thousand dollars
I am not chasing US dealers, I am just researching this as 1 of several options like a good business man so I can make an intelligent decision if it is viable or not. I am still in the middle of figuring that out and that's why I started this thread.

I purchase a lot of goods for my business in the US and it is very natural for me to look there for a car as well.

Your input and everyone else's on here is greatly appreciated - I find it even more helpful when people disagree on issues in this forum as it seem more information comes out that way.