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Im going to have to give up some of my insuranse because this piece of shit president of ours is going to tax what I have. Basically its the cadillac tax they will impose in a few years. My insurance is $38,000 a year for my family. My wifes employers pays pays the majority of it as we pay $300 a month for what we have. We are covered for everything. And my co pays are very low. However my tax on this will be approximatly $6,000 a year. Anyone who has insurance that is above $27000 will pay a cadillac tax. So this socialist scumbag will charge me $6,000 a year extra so that i have type A insurance. Then my $6000 will help pay for all those looking for a handout and for all the illegal aliens who dont pay a fuckin penny into this country. No one is asking whether I want to donate my hard earned money. This new government just takes takes takes and feels everyone has to be equal. No we are not equal. I work damn hard, my wife works damn hard and I dont want to sound snoddy or pompus but I dont think I need to be on the same level as someone making $25K-$35K. Therefore I have to be punished for being succesful. Yeah that a great thing to teach my kids. Kids dont try to be succesfull because you will get you hard earned money taken away from and distributed to losers who were let into this country who dont help it grow finacially in any way. Youre better off going on welfare because that way you will receive all the food you want, medical you want and finacial security.