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Originally Posted by MaxL View Post
To the previous poster - would there be any different recourse if he was a US resident buying a car in the US or a Canadian resident buying a car in Canada? If not, this makes no difference. A Canadian can sue a US dealership or a US person just as well, if there is a reason to (which may not help, actually, because used cars are sold "as is" both in US and Canada). I am not saying that buying a used car can be risk-free - there is always some risk.

Sue eh?

Firstly, everyone thinks they can sue anyone here dont they

You have to understand that going down that road over lets say a used vehicle is worth it or not, after taking into account:
1. Costs - Good Lawyers are never cheap and demand a high fee!
2. Time - spent in importing and then dealing with litigation in international courts
3. All this effort for a few thousand to 10,000?

As a wise businessman I would reduce my risk and buy canadian!
And I would devote my time and efforts to better and more profitable things then chasing after US dealers for a few thousand dollars