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Originally Posted by Meff View Post
Thx Vert - I guess the intangible piece here is the effect to resale value then. Your list of importation "To Dos" from the other thread match what I have been able to determine as well.

Rough math:

$2700 - conversion costs
$4000 - $4300 Duty on Cdn $$ value
$3000 - no longer "free maintenance"

$10,000 total import costs
$75,000 - US car at converted CDN $ List (assuming dollar at .99 or par)
-$ 7,500 - standard US discount (based on other US members buys)

$67,500 - purchase price


$10,000 - Importation costs (including paying for maintenance)
$ 1,000 - shipping/transport

So call it $78,500 - $80,000 CDN to me - then add in the uncertainty of resale

Not much of a savings - more of a way to get a car more quickly, but it may not be worth the added hassle I agree, it's just the impatience thing again....

Thanks again for the feedback guys - this is why I joined the forum to do my research for my M

Appreciate it.

The search continues.....
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