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Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
I do not think you will find the answer here on this forum.You need to call a dealer & find out what the labour times & parts cost for each service.This is also variable if you are a low milege driver as the service is required once a year not based on milege.I would probally think it is worth $3-4000 if you are a 20000 km a year driver.Remember it does not cover any of the wear items like brakes,wiper blades etc.

Also do not forget that a US car will have less resale value than a Canadian origin car.I have a clients 06 C2S that is worth $10000 less than a Canadian sourced car with the same milege.It is something that must be factored in in your importation costs.
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He is right! Heres another post of mine in a similar thread where this was discussed extensively.

Also, remember you can always get the extended maintenance plan in Canada which is an additional $2000 for M3s that covers you up to 5yrs/96,000KM, and will cover all WEAR and TEAR items!!!
(BRAKES, CLUTCH, BELTS, wiper blades etc.)

This wont be applicable on US imported cars

You have to understand that the savings of 10-20K or whatever it is, can only be realised on a vehicle after you are able to recover those costs once resale occurs.
Otherwise your initial savings are translated into poor resale, and for all that hassle and points mentioned in my post isnt worth it

Good Luck!