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Originally Posted by calintexas View Post
Thanks DevJ. I know my acquaintance wants to go to Classic. I'll give him Chuong's name as he's the one that several others (in addition to you) have mentioned positively.

Thanks for the response.
No problem man! He's a super nice guy and your friend will not be disappointed!

Originally Posted by buschy View Post
wow thats crazy.. the guys I deal with at bmw are top notch. also I cannot believe the non mod friendly stuff.. one of the service advisors has his m3 modded.
also the GM and the vp race, I cannot believe they would look down on moding..
also, They went way out of there way for me when I bought my x5, I bought a 07 and in short , they scratched it putting a clear bra on it. well they ordered me a new 08 to replace it and I drove the 07 while it was built.
all that for scratches.. incredible.
just thought I would share.
but yeah if your by classic and got a good dude go there.
WOW! You got amazing service from them! I wish my experience was similar. I think it really varies..depends on who you deal with at a certain dealership! I'm sure there's a few bad apples at Classic too lol!
Originally Posted by xsilvor View Post
Fuck you pollen.
I couldn't agree more. My eyes are fucking killing me. I went to my buddy for some recommendations, going to try them out tomorrow. Hopefully they'll be better. I don't fancy walking 1-2 miles to classes with my eyes feeling like shit lolll
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