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Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
It is very hard to track the true history of non-Ontario car and you have no recourse on a US car if it is not what you beleived it is.I have had problems like this the past with a couple of high end cars that I brought up from the US.Since January OMVIC also requires full disclosure on cars that have not been in Ontario for 7years(?) and this will be a resale issue down the road for resale values.
I'm on the left coast and the car will be new, so first registration will be on Cdn soil. Not sure BC's rules on the disclosure piece, but if I'm first owner, hopefully this will negate any issues on history.

I hear you though - it's an unknown and a possible perception issue for a future buyer.

I'm weighing all the pros and cons - it's just hard to overlook the savings even after the import and conversion costs, and the fact that I can't find an M3 in Western Canada I want other than the Editions and they are overpriced.

There are literally hundreds (500 + on a search today) of new '10s on BMW dealer lots throughout the US so the selection is much better, and my impatience is getting the better of me.

I'll have to work on that