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Originally Posted by Meff View Post
Thanks Gear - I was going to ask my current SA at my local dealer but he's been on holiday. I'll have him track it down for me on his return, or maybe some else on here has done the leg work already.

Why the comparative lower value on the US car upon resale in Canada? Once I do the cluster, daytime running lights, Cdn VIR etc would it not be an apples to apples situation? Or is it just a perception issue by the buyer?

It is very hard to track the true history of non-Ontario car and you have no recourse on a US car if it is not what you beleived it is.I have had problems like this the past with a couple of high end cars that I brought up from the US.Since January OMVIC also requires full disclosure on cars that have not been in Ontario for 7years(?) and this will be a resale issue down the road for resale values.

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