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Originally Posted by MrRoboto View Post
The 'me' attitude has to and seems to be changing in the US. If a single payer system is good enough for american service people it should be good enough for all citizens. Quality of life would be much better if people didn't have to worry about loosing their home if they land in the hospital.

Equal access to healthcare should be the right of all people, not to the privileged.
Your Service Member example isn't really a good one, since the government is the employer in this case. In that sense, then the health coverage from my employer is a "single payer" system.

Also, my dad has government health care through the VA. His experience hasn't been that good, as he spends a ton of time just trying to get services. If the government can't even manage this single payer system on a small scale, they will fail miserably on a large scale.
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