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Originally Posted by 742 View Post
Which begs the question. How does Germany do it? Their social programs are better than ours, they pay their manufacturing workers more (a lot more, $50 an hour compared to $30 in the United States -- pay, taxes and benefits), yet they are the second largest exporter the world. And while their budget is not pretty, it is certainly a lot better looking that ours.
How does Germany do it? Simple, they charge significantly higher taxes, duh!

From the following source:

The first chart shows the average tax rate for a single person making $40,000 with no kids in each country. Germany is at 38% while the US is at 24%. Quite a difference.

The second chart shows the average tax rate for a person with 2 children making $40,000. Germany is still significantly higher than the US. Real easy to provide more services when you take more of someone's money.

Personally, I'd rather decide how to spend my money instead of allowing the government to decide for me....
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