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Originally Posted by 742 View Post
Which begs the question. How does Germany do it? Their social programs are better than ours, they pay their manufacturing workers more (a lot more, $50 an hour compared to $30 in the United States -- pay, taxes and benefits), yet they are the second largest exporter the world. And while their budget is not pretty, it is certainly a lot better looking that ours.
I worked for UPS in Germany for a year in the late 80's. I got paid in DM (before the Euro). My take home pay was about 40% of gross. That's how they pay for it. Plus, IMHO, the Germans are in generally better health than Americans. While there are obese Germans to be sure, the problem is not nearly as bad there as it is here.

While I believe it is in everyone's best interest to reform health care, this bill has way too much pork and special provisions. No state should get special treatment just to get the vote of their congress member(s).

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