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So I became very good friends with the head mechanic at my local dealership and he's given me countless tips and advice pertaining to the E92 motor. He also does work on the side for MANY E92 M3's. Curious, I asked him what he was working on now. To my surprise, he was working on turbocharging an M3. I asked him how that was possible and he said he was putting a rear mounted turbo on the M3. I asked him countless questions and all of them were sound, EXCEPT programming the ECU. He said that the M3 would adjust accordingly to the turbo. He said he would only run it around 4psi to start with and adjust accordingly. Now with that in mind, I wanted members opinion/concerns/input and if that is feasible.
is his name JACQUE?

he scammed tons of e90 people and is a tech in a florida dealership.

His side business is a joke and was the laughing stock of 335i owners. I forgot his company name but its well searched in E90 section.

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