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Originally Posted by bolinp78 View Post
If this is passed in it's current form, our generation is going to pay MORE.

Each successive generation is going to pay significantly more than the previous for all of the entitlement programs.

They were supposed to release the full bill 72 hours before the vote so people had time to look at it (HAHAHAHAHA!!!!) Good luck reading and understanding over 2400 pages of legalese, technical jargon and plain old jibberish in the passed Senate bill, plus the 150+ pages in the "reconciliation" bill.

Original Senate bill that passed:

Reconciliation bill:

While I think the bill tries to address some needed reforms, I just don't know how it can possibly be paid for without staggering new taxes. Even if the CBO's estimates are right on (or even conservative), $1 TRILLION has to come from somewhere. And where they get the "savings" from is beyond me. I think that is an accounting shell game designed to make people think that the bill generates a net savings for the government. Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

The current Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare programs are already on track to bankrupt this country, so what's covering another 35 million people?
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