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Please Clarify & Price Request

Originally Posted by E92-Lighting View Post
TPMS for 2010 models!
We are now fully stocked with the 2010 (build 09/09)model year 3 Series, M3, and Mini. OE Part number 36146792829 Valve 36106790054 Sensor 433MHz made by BERU the OE manufacturer for BMW

This is complete brand new set of 4 Tire Pressure Sensors with valve included from Beru. Beru is the company that supplies BMW with OEM TPMS. They are exactly the same, just have Beru part number instead of BMW OEM numbers on it. (you save about $150 with Beru set over BMW OEM)

TPMS pressure sensors for cars using the BERU AG system. The coded 433Mhz signal is automatically picked up by receivers in the wheelarch housing and the system automatically configures. These are replacement sensors for BMW Part# 36236781847.

Available BMW Models:
- 1 series E82/E88 (2007 ~)
- 3 series E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 ~) M3 Coupe, M3 Sedan
- 5 series E60/E61 (2006 ~) M5
- 6 series E63/E64 (2006 ~) M6
- 7 series E65/E66/E68 (2006 ~)
- X series E83/E70/E71 (2006 ~)
- Z series E85/E86 (2006 ~)
- Mini Cooper (2007 ~)

in stock and ships daily, please PM for special e90 member pricing
Just to be sure I understand; because, what you appear to be saying varies from other things I've read on this site:
1. My understanding is that the 2010 system doesn't have receivers in the wheel arches, but has only a central control unit that receives signals from the individual sensors. Is that your understanding also? Your write up reads differently.
2. It appears from your text that the new sensors work for M3's 2008 - 2010. Am I reading that correctly?

Please PM a price for a set of tire pressure sensors with valve included that will work on my 2010 M3.