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Originally Posted by Leonardo629 View Post
I assume this is a 2010 you're talking about. If it is..I'd walk and find another dealer to deal with.

Hell, I was easily quoted $1000 above invoice (invoice + maco/training) on a 2011 coupe without even set foot in the 4 dealers I talked to.

You're basically buying the car at full pop, and I notice the mf has been marked up as well...

With the $2500 cash back, the dealer can easily do invoice and still make a pretty decent profit (dealer hold back...etc..etc)

Can you elaborate on your statement about the money factor? I am fairly new to leasing, and I'm about to lease at a money factor of .0014, but I was under the impression that this was actually a very good deal. It is equivalent to an APR of 3.36%, which is less than the 3.9% they are offering on purchases.